Woollcott, Alexander (1887-1943)

The Alexander Woollcott collection consists of correspondence, photographs, and other items.

Correspondence from Woollcott makes up the bulk of the collection. The sixty-two items date from 1921 to 1942. These letters include letters to his cousin Helen Warren Sears (1931-1942); Mr. and Mrs. James B. Winokur (1928-1936); Deems Taylor (1930-1940); Fryn Tennyson Jesse (1936-1942); and actress Katherine Cornell (1930s).

Photographs in the collection consist of a portrait of Woollcott as the character "Sheridan Whiteside" in The Man Who Came to Dinner, Woollcott at his home in Bomoseen, Vermont, and Woollcott with Joseph B. Winokur and another man.

Other items in the collection include two drafts of Fryn Tennyson Jesse’s obituary of Woollcott for the Manchester Guardian (Jan. 26, 1943), and a clipping of that obituary; a card bearing a caricature of Woollcott; a facsimile inscription; a caricature by Woollcott, and two printed versions of the same drawing; and a manuscript by Helen Sears (Woollcott’s cousin) titled “This is Woollcott Speaking.”

Additional material regarding Woollcott resides in the Leggett Brown collection. This collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and other items; it primarily pertains to Woollcott's work in radio.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of several radio broadcasts written by Woollcott (ca. 1935-1940), including several for The Town Crier on CBS radio (1937); and a short biographical item on Woollcott, author unknown.

Correspondence in the collection consists of letters between various people: from Leggett Brown to Woollcott (1939-1941) and various others, including Beatrice Kaufman and Archibald MacLeish; from Steve Brown to Leggett Brown (1936-1940); from Noel Coward to John Moses (1953); from Julian Field to Senator T. V. Smith of Illinois (1936-1937) and Woollcott (1937); from Joseph Hennessy to Leggett Brown (1937-1940); and from Woollcott to Brown (1936-1941), John Moses (1937-1942), and various others (1936-1941).

Other items in the collection include a photograph of Woollcot with a note on the verson; lists of broadcast cities (1939-1940) and radio show topics for Woollcott; a printed pamphlet of Dorothy Parker's "Soldiers of the Republic," published by Woollcott (1938); and radio broadcast transcripts (1936).

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2. Woollcott, Alexander, 1887-1943
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