Yates, Elizabeth (1905-2001)
The collection of Elizabeth Yates consists of manuscripts for various short stories, plays, essays, articles and lectures.  There are files of correspondence primarily with publishers and readers.  Many of these files are divided by the specific story they refer, rather just simply chronologically.  There are files of miscellaneous tearsheets of articles as well as literary journals with pieces by Yates.  There are also a number of citations and awards presented to Elizabeth Yates throughout her career.

Elizabeth Yates was a widely sought after speaker.  Her various "talks” in the collection exist in both manuscript and printed versions.  There is a holograph notebook, detailing the date and occasion of talks given between 1940 and 1956, which includes instructions to herself on effective presentation.  Her topics include a manuscript for a talk entitled "Inside Iceland”; a manuscript for "Milestones in Reading” (1943); a manuscript for "Variations on a Chinese Proverb” (November 13, 1944); and "Three Magical Things,” presented on several occasions from 1952 on.  There are also a number of drafts of untitled talks, listed by location of where they were initially delivered.  These include a talk at the Public Library, Dover, New Hampshire (May 1946), a talk at Teacher's College, Keene, New Hampshire (November 1946), and a talk delivered at the University of Indiana, Writer’s Conference in 1954, to name but a few.
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1. Yates, Elizabeth, 1905-2001
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