Zarubica, Mladin (1917-1995)
The Mladin Zarubica collection includes manuscripts, printed material, and correspondence.

Manuscript include material from two of Zarubica’s novels and a script from a musical. There is a draft manuscript for The Year of the Rat, originally published in 1964; and a draft manuscript of Scutari, originally published in 1967. There is also a draft script of Zarubica’s musical, A Voice from Another Season, produced by UCLA in 1969.

Printed material includes items related to publicity for the UCLA production of A Voice from Another Season, as well as a printed program. The bulk of printed material in the collection was generated by Zarubica for Bozell & Jacobs Advertising and Public Relations, Inc., based in New York. Zarubica was employed by the firm as an account executive. The Bozell & Jacobs advertising material includes lists of radio outlets;publicity releases; examples of advertising pieces; plans for various advertising campaigns; and scripts for radio spots. This material, although primarily printed, also includes some in manuscript form. There are files of production figures, budgets; tally sheets; schedules; and publicity for a number of television projects, including ABC Better Living Theater (1953).

Notable correspondence in the collection includes a letter to Zarubica from former baseball commissioner, Ford Frick (1953); a letter from China Research Associate, Al Willner (1953); and a letter from noted American film director, Franklin Schaffner (1968). The other correspondence in the collection is Bozell & Jacobs related, with letters both to and from Zarubica (1952-1969). There is general correspondence concerning various television projects (1954).
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