Howard, Anna Taylor (1905-1993)
The Anna Taylor Howard collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection includes a number of draft case studies (1927); multiple progress reports on the development of a proposed program of study for nursing schools, issued by the National League of Nursing Education (1935); reports and recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Maternal and Child Health, United States Department of Labor, Children's Bureau, Washington, D.C. (1944); "Criteria for Collegiate Basic Professional Programs in Public Health Nursing," presented by the Joint Committee of Six National League of Nursing Education (1935); "Criteria for Collegiate Basic Professional Programs in Public Health Nursing," presented by the Joint Committee of Six National Nursing Organizations for the Unification of Accrediting Activities (1949); "Report of the Washington Study on Nursing," Federal Security Agency, Division of Nursing Resources, Public Health Service (1950); and "Blue Print for Action," Arkansas Survey on Nursing Needs and Resources (1958). There are draft reports related to specific universities and their schools of nursing,  including: "Functions of the Standing Committee of the Faculty of the School of Nursing," Vanderbilt University, School of Nursing (1941); reports related to grant proposals that include documentation of professional course descriptions, parental class descriptions, course outlines, budgets, and out-patient care (1943-1956); "Statement of Proposed Plan for Initiating a Residency in Nursing Service Administration for Master’s Students in the Boston University School of Nursing"; and "Conference on Residency in Nursing Services, a Summary of the Discussion," Boston University School of Nursing (1959). Drafts prepared for publication include: "Handbook for the Development of Residency Programs in Nursing Service Administration," by Francis K. Clyde, Associate Professor of Nursing, Chairman, Department of Nursing Administration, Boston University School of Nursing and Anna Taylor Howard, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Boston University School of Nursing, to be published by Boston University Press (1959).  There are a number of reports, some in typewritten mimeograph form, some printed; they include: "Reports of the Committees on Nursing Services Administration," University of Chicago, Nursing Services Administration Seminar (1951); "A Hospital In-Service Educational Training Program: a Report on the Program at Veterans Administration Hospital of Indianapolis" (1952); "A Survey of Needs and Resources for Better Nursing in Michigan," prepared by the US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, Division of Nursing Resources (1954); a similar survey for Pennsylvania (1955); and "A Historical Survey of US Technical Assistance to Nursing": Africa (1943-1966); Far East (1951-1966); Latin America (1942-1966); Near East and South Asia (1947-1966), prepared by the U.S. Agency for International Development. There are also drafts of "Manual for Nursing Administration" in English and Arabic; and "An Introduction to Ward Management in Nursing."

Correspondence to Howard includes letters from Ruth N. Fletcher, Registrar, Boston University School of Education (1936); Nathan W. Faxon, MD, Director, Massachusetts General Hospital (1936); Elsie L. Campbell, RN, Secretary, Massachusetts League of Nursing Education (1936); Isabel M. Stewart, Chairman, Central Curriculum Committee, National League of Nursing Education (1937); Nell V. Beeby, RN, Assistant Editor, The American Journal of Nursing (1941); and correspondence concerning "Survey of Nursing Needs and Resources in Massachusetts" (1956-1960). 

Correspondence from Anna Taylor Howard includes letters inquiring about overseas nursing opportunities (1937-1966); correspondence related to a Ward Teaching Program at Massachusetts General Hospital (1939-1940); letters related to various freelancing opportunities (1951-1975); correspondence from Howard, while at Boston University School of Nursing, with foreign students, on courses, a proposed International Nursing Center; and candidates for World Health Organization teaching positions (1957-1970). There is also correspondence from Howard regarding Project HOPE (1966-1968); and correspondence related to Howard’s work with the World Health Organization concerning travel arrangements, visas, possible assignments, expenses, and formalities (1972-1975).

Photographs in the collection include photos of Howard as a child; with her mother; and a number of small undated photographs related to Howard's work with Project HOPE in Egypt (ca. 1975-1980).  

Printed material in the Howard collection includes "A History of the Boston Training School for Nurses," by Caroline G. Curtis and M.H. Denny, published in Jamaica Plain, MA (ca. 1896); The Quarterly Record, a publication of the Massachusetts General Hospital Nurses Alumni Association, Boston, Massachusetts (1931-1940); "Should Mother and Baby Room Together, a Psychological Consideration for the Hospital Rooming Together of Mother and the Newborn," by Edith B. Jackson, MD, reprinted from The American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 46, No.1 (1946); "Modernizing Practices in Maternity Hospitals and Newborn Services," by Margaret Losty, MD, Leona Baumgartner, MD, Harold Abramson, MD, and Samuel Frant, MD, reprinted from Public Health Nursing (1946); and "Recommendations on Qualifications for Public Health Nursing Faculty and Teaching Personnel," approved by the Education Committee of the National Organization for Public Health Nurses, reprinted from Public Health Nursing, Publication No. 563 (1951). There is also material from the Maternity Center Association of New York (1952); Statewide Nursing Surveys prepared by the Division of Nursing Resources, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health service (1956-1957); "Handbook for the Development of Residency Programs in Nursing Service Administration," by Howard and Frances K. Clyde, Boston University Press (1959); various reports and guidelines issued under the jurisdiction of the World Health Organization (1960-1968); and publications regarding the Indian Nursing Council and Trained Nurses Association of India (1971).
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