Dickey, Christopher (1951- )

The Christopher Dickey collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, legal and financial materials, photographs, journals, and other materials.   

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, articles, essays, and other projects. Collected novels include Expats: Travels in Arabia from Tripoli to Tehran, Innocent Blood, Securing the City: Inside America’s Best Counterterror Force – The NYPD, The Sleeper, Summer of Deliverance, With the Contras, and Fire and Forget

Manuscripts for articles on the Middle East, Europe, and U.S. diplomacy in Central America are included, as well.

Included essays consist of “The Berge,” “The Non-Election of 1956: A Brief Look at Vietnamese Democracy,” “The Pursuit of Happiness,” and others.

Also collected are manuscripts of speeches from the Council on Foreign Relations (1983-84), interview transcripts—including material for With the Contras and a Good Morning America interview of Rev. Jerry Falwell (2001)—short stories, and a screenplay titled “Amos Berry.”

The collection includes both personal and professional correspondence. Personal correspondence (1965-2007) consists of emails, greeting cards, Christmas cards, and letters of condolence. Notable figures include Allen Ginsberg, Mike Farrell, Joan Didion, President Jimmy Carter, Michael Douglas, the DeNiro family, and Tom Brokaw. Also significant is Dickey’s correspondence with his father, poet James Dickey. Professional correspondence concerns Summer of Deliverance, research on Iraq and Al Qaeda, letters to and from Newsweek, and invitations.

Personal memorabilia in the collection is comprised of poems by James Dickey, juvenilia, various awards, calendars, keys, pins, and badges.

The collection’s printed materials primarily concern Dickey’s journalistic career and includes clippings, reviews, and full articles from publications such as Newsweek, Dateline, People, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and Playboy. Newspaper clippings, booklets, maps, newsletters, fliers, programs, and internet printouts constitute additional printed materials. CD-ROMs contain articles from Newsweek Online and The Daily Beast (2010-2011). Also collected are proofs of Innocent Blood, Securing the City, the Sleeper, Summer of Deliverance, and Tobacco Control in Developing Countries.

Professional materials consist of subject files on Summer of Deliverance, as well as office files on Afghanistan, Cuba, El Salvador, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, and other countries. Professional files for Newsweek, notes on foreign affairs, and agendas from 1988-1991 are also included.

The collection includes research material, documenting nearly all of Dickey’s journalistic exploits. Press clippings, court documents, biographies, interviews, and evidence are collected extensively, with particular attention paid to 9/11/01, the NYPD, Al Qaeda, Iraq, and Osama Bin Laden. Notes on foreign countries are included at length, as well. Many of these research files are accompanied by manuscripts, photographs, memorabilia, and printed material.

Legal materials consist of real estate agreements, amendments, and contracts, insurance proposals, James Dickey’s estate materials, and divorce files.

Financial materials include income tax information, receipts, expense reports, letters of agreement, and various insurance policies from 1986-2000.

Collected film and video materials are largely personal, including 8mm film reels of birthdays, basketball games, fishing trips, and more. A 16mm film reel of “War Under the Pine Straw” is also documented.

Included audio materials are recorded on microcassettes. Microcassettes contain biographies, information on the Mideast, and material for Expats. Assorted microcassettes (1979-2002) are collected, as well.

The photographs in the collection include black and white and color prints, slides, and negatives from 1970-2002. Photographs document both personal and professional subjects. Of note are numerous prints from Deliverance, which include Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, Ronny Cox, and James Dickey.

Collected notebooks consist chiefly of journals from 1982-1998, as well as travel and pocket notebooks kept from 1965-2007. Scrapbooks from the 1970s and a 1971 Deliverance journal are also included.

Other miscellaneous materials include a minidisc on Abdul Halim Khaddam, posters signed by Peter Turnley, Al Gore, and Jacques Cousteau, tribal artifacts, and a knife given as James Dickey’s wrap gift to the crew of Deliverance.




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