Thomson, June (1930- )
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The June Thomson collection includes manuscripts, professional material, and research material.

Manuscripts consist of drafts, front matter, and notes for Thomson's novels, short stories, plays, radio plays, and important unpublished work. Novels include Not One of Us (1971); Death Cap (1973); The Long Revenge (1975); Case Closed (1977); A Question of Identity (1977); Alibi in Time (1980); Shadow of a Doubt (1981); To Make a Killing (1982); Sound Evidence (1984); A Dying Fall (1985); The Dark Stream (1986); No Flowers by Request (1987); Rosemary for Remembrance (1988); The Spoils of Time (1989); Past Reckoning (1990); The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes (1990); Foul Play (1991); Flowers for the Dead (1992); The Secret Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes (1992); The Secret Journals of Sherlock Holmes (1993); Holmes and Watson: A Study in Friendship (1995); Burden of Innocence (1996); The Secret Documents of Sherlock Holmes (1999); Fire from the Gods; Street Games; The Unquiet Grave; and The Follower.

Short stories include "Going Home Charlotte's Grotto;" "Inspector Locket and the Wishart Case;" "The Tale of a Pig;" "The Case of the Amateur Mendicants;" The Case of the Remarkable Worm;" "The Case of the Itinerary Yeggman;" "The Case of the Abominable Wife;" "Walk to Paradise Garden;" and numerous other stories. Plays in the collection include an adapted "Deadly Relations;" "The Way to the Castle;" and "The Sned." Radio plays include "Camden Town Murder" and "Dear Dead Days."

Professional material includes of a memo book regarding pre- and post-World War II England for Rosemary for Remembrance along with notecards for the various books Thomson published.

Research material includes photocopies of the publications The Times and The Daily Chronicle from 1989; notes on Sherlock Holmes and John Watson; and notes pertaining to the Overbury Case.
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