Clemens, Walter C., Jr. (1933-)

The Walter C. Clemens, Jr. collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, research material, professional material, printed material, and other items.

Manuscripts by Clemens includes drafts of various monographs (with Clemens either as sole author or co-author), articles, reports, conference papers, and other items.  Manuscripts for monographs by Clemens include Soviet Disarmament Policy, 1917-1963: An Annotated Bibliography of Soviet and Western Sources (1965); Khrushchev and the Arms Race, with Franklyn Griffiths and Lincoln P. Bloomfield (1966); Outer Space and Arms Control (1966); The Superpowers and Arms Control: From Cold War to Interdependence (1973); National Security and US-Soviet Relations (1981); Dynamics of International Relations: Conflict and Mutual Gain in an Era of Global Interdependence (1998);  America and the World, 1898-2025: Achievements, Failures, Alternative Futures (2000); The Baltic Transformed: Complexity Theory and European Security (2001); includes research material); Ambushed!: A Cartoon History of the George W. Bush Administration, with Jim Morin (2008); Getting to Yes in Korea (2009); and  Challenges to Fitness in the USA and Worldwide: Insights from Complexity Science (2012).  The manuscripts for shorter pieces (articles, speeches, etc.) are arranged by file name.   Much of Clemens' manuscripts are interfiled with his printed material, professional material, and research material.  Clemens' manuscripts themselves often include correspondence, research, and printed items with the drafts.

Correspondence in the collection consists of various professional letters dating from 1963 to 2009 (with a few personal letters from 1993).  They are mostly filed by subject, and include several letters to and from publishers, periodicals, foundations, and others.

Research material in the collection is extensive.  The files are arranged by topic, and consist of a combination of letters, notes, printed items, manuscripts, photographs, professional material, and other items.  Prominent subjects include international relations; teaching materials for Clemens' classes; the Baltics; Korea; Soviet foreign policy, including a survey of successes and failures of Soviet foreign policy (1971-1988); and various articles and conference papers.

Professional material in the collection consists of several files, mostly related to Clemens' teaching career.  Files in the collection also include material regarding manuscripts such as The Baltic Transformed: Complexity Theory and European Security, and Complexity Science as a Way to Understand and Change the World.  The series consists of a combination of letters, press releases, manuscript fragments, photographs, printed items, and teaching materials, all dating from 1964 to 2013.  

Printed material in the collection dates from 1945 to 2011.  This material includes reprints of articles by Clemens (1945-2011); photocopies (1964-2007); reports (1970s-1980s); pamphlets; clippings (1993-2000); various periodicals; and subject files (1973-2001).

Other material in the collection includes photographs regarding the film Lenin in October (1937) and other photos; contracts with the Washington Post (2001); financial material (1989-1995); floppy disks; and an award from Military Review (1970).

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1. Clemens, Walter C.
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