Brightman, Edgar S. (1884-1953)

The Edgar Brightman collection consists of correspondence, professional materials, manuscripts, printed materials, personal memorabilia, photographs, and other items.

Correspondence dates from 1924 to 1959 and includes an extensive collection of personal and professional letters. Correspondents are primarily philosophers, theologians, scientists, college presidents, and other academic contemporaries of Brightman’s. Other professional correspondents are publishers and Boston University students and staff. Notable personal correspondents include President Calvin Coolidge and various United States congressmen and governors.

Professional materials in the collection date from 1900 to 1952 and include lecture materials and outlines, seminar notes, directed studies, teaching assistant instructions, Boston University philosophy department meeting minutes and reports, and student records.

Manuscripts in the collection date from 1902 to 1952 and include both published and unpublished academic articles and essays. Manuscripts range in length from seven pages to over five hundred pages and focus on a myriad of philosophy and theology topics.

Printed materials in the collection date from 1828 to 1968 and include articles, proofs, magazines, journals, booklets, programs, newspapers, and bulletins.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes notebooks, scrapbooks, yearbooks, diplomas, awards, and card catalogues.

Photographs in the collection are primarily black and white prints that feature Brightman in his early life.

Other items in the collection include religious writings, publisher permissions, university fraternity information, and local newspaper clippings.

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