Lehr, Dick (1954- )

The Dick Lehr collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, audio materials, and oversized items.

Manuscripts in the collection include The Fence: A Police Cover-Up Along Boston’s Racial Divide and Black Mass, as well as a number of chapter fragments, forewords, notes, and revisions. Also present are drafted screenplays of “Black Mass” and “Judgment Ridge,” written by Nye Heron and Jay Craven, respectively.

Correspondence in the collection includes letters from 2000 and 2003, some of which regard Robert Feldman.

Collected printed materials are constituted by galley proofs for The Fence and Black Mass, as well as editions of Daily Variety, The New York Review of Books, and The Boston Globe. Newspaper clippings pertaining to Black Mass are present, as well.

Professional materials, filed under “Job Hunt,” include passport and resume photos of Lehr; an article portfolio; and correspondence regarding Lehr’s 1984 applications to The Boston Globe, The Atlantic Monthly, The New Yorker, The American Lawyer, and The Courant.

Research materials constitute the majority of materials in Lehr’s collection. Consisting of correspondence, printed materials, audio materials, legal materials, video materials, photographs, notes and more, Lehr’s comprehensive research files reveal his commitment to subjects such as Judgment Ridge; the Zantop Murders; Denis Maher; LSD; the Glueck Study; Whitey Bulger; and Alberto Lio and the Boston Police Department. Of special note are nearly 200 files chronicling the RICO case regarding Stephen Flemmi, William Bulger, and John Connolly.

Audio materials in the collection are collected principally on microcassettes and cassettes. Titles include “Black Mass Audio Tape Interview,” “Mo Vaughn Red Sox,” and “Judgment Ridge,” among others. A Miracles CD is included, as well.

Also present in the collection are assorted oversized items, including an untitled file with newspapers regarding South Boston Crime.

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