Bell, Alexander Graham (1847-1922)
The Alexander Graham Bell collection consists of correspondence, mostly letters from Bell to various recipients.  These include a letter to Spencer F. Baird about submarine telephoning (1879); a letter to Bell's parents discussing a patent suit over the telephone, asking for letters to corroborate his testimony and describing his latest experiment (Nov. 1879); letter from Bell's wife to her mother (ca. 1881); a letter to M. Herve Mangon (1881); a letter and a telegram to Nathan Sawyer, a printer (1892); two letters to Isaac Merrill (1889 and 1899); a letter to the United States Consul at Geneva, the Honorable W. Bishop (1903); a letter to John Dalzell, Regent of the Smithsonian Institution (1907); a letter to Joseph W. Strittwatter (1918); a letter to Wilson L. Gill, Esq. (1915); a letter to Bell from George F. Kunz (1919) and two letters to George F. Kunz (1920).
Notable Figures
1. Bell, Alexander Graham, 1847-1922
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