Davis, Lincoln K. (1902-1992)
The Lincoln K. Davis collection primarily consist of material regarding Joseph Machin and the Hope Chapel. This material includes a Photocopy of Accents and Aphorism, by Joseph Machin, compiled by Davis (1946); hundreds of pages of notes (for lectures or sermons) from 1933-1935 by Joseph Machin; photocopied transcriptions of some notes of Machin (1933-1935) entitled "meditations"; lecture notes taken by Machin in 1914; excerpts from notes by Oscar C. Davis at a Hope Chapel meeting conducted by Machin.

Other material in the collection includes 11 notebooks of observations and notes (1938-1967), with material and notes regarding Joseph Machin, Oscar Davis, and Bertha Johnson; Edgar Davis correspondence; a six-part compilation of family diaries, letters, and other items titled According to Knowledge, compiled by Davis; a copy of the pamphlet Edgar B. Davis, by Lincoln K. Davis; a photograph of Davis; and the March-April 1922 issue of Walk-Over Shoe Prints.
Notable Figures
1. Davis, Lincoln K.
2. Machin, Joseph, 1870-1944
Associated Subjects
1. Religion and Spirituality Subject Guide