Golijov, Osvaldo (1960- )
The Osvaldo Golijov collection consists of subject files, printed material, manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, notebooks, audio, film and video, and memorabilia.

Subject include: Illustraciones; She Was Here (2008); Taha Fall 2009 (1997-2009); Tangos (1997-2007); Tapestry Music; Youth Without Youth (2006); Papusza (1990); and Gospel Beat (2002).  There are also files with printed invitations (1995-2008); brochures (1991-2005); libretti; programs from musical performances composed by Golijov (1991-2008); reviews of Golijov's work (2000-2001); reviews specifically of Passion (2002); project outlines; itineraries; resumes; press releases (1992-1993); legal files and financial files; and various magazines.  

Printed material consists of booklets and scores.  Booklets include: Ainadamar (2006); Festival de Saint-Denis (2007); Bryn Terfel Bad Boys (2009); Carta Blanca a Osvaldo Golijov (2011); OJAI 60th Music Festival (2006); Vilcek Prize (2008); and Youth Without Youth (2006).  Scores in the collection by Golijov, with parts for various instruments include: Ainadamar (2003); Ayre (2004); The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind (1994); How Slow the Wind (2001-2002); Last Round (1996); Lullaby and Doina (2000); Mariel (2008); La Passion Seguin San Marcos (2000-2012); Radio (2009); Siderus (2010); Tekyah (2004); Three Songs for Soprano and Orchestra (2001-2002); Yehi Or (Let There Be Light); Yiddishbbuk (1992); and Youth Without Youth (1992). Also included in the collection are scores by Pablo Ortiz; Maria Schneider; Pierre Boulez; John Adams; and Franz Schubert.  

Manuscript material includes Amor Americano; Anhos Verdes (1998); Av Harachamin; Azul Tu Jardin (1984); Daver Daver; Dry Still Earth; Fish Tale (1998);  Gipsy Lead Sheets (1998); Kva Korat; Miroirs a la Memoire de Miro (1984); Paredes Danca Masters; Paredes New Danca Pencil; Paredes Romance 2 Guitars (1998); Paredes/Variaciones Sobre Un Dranca Popular (1998); Tres Fragmentos (1985); and Turceasca.  Other manuscripts include two screenplays by Francis Ford Coppola: Tetro (2007-2008); and Youth Without Youth (2005), which featured a score by Glolijov.   

Correspondence in the collection includes letters from La Plata (1961-1989); professional correspondence (1990-1996); and personal correspondence (1961-2011). 

Photographs in the collection include files of family photographs of Golijov and his family on various vacations; childhood photographs in black and white, color, and sepia; as well as concert photographs and professional head shots.  

There are fifteen notebooks in the Golijov collection, dating from 1990 to 2009.   There are also two daily planners, dated 2007 and 2008.  

Audio material in the collection include two record albums: Brooklyn Rider Seven Steps (2012) and Lotte Lenya Sings Berlin Theatre Songs by Kurt Weill; and numerous compact discs, including Golijov compositions played by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra; the Chicago Symphony Orchestra; the Boston Symphony Orchestra, both in Boston and at Tanglewood; and the Cleveland Orchestra.  

Film and video selections include several video recordings, including Megalopolis (2003); Ainadamar TMC Performances (2003); Weekend Edition with Scott Simon: The Upshaw/Golijov Story (2005); Accende Ensemble Different Drummers (2008); Osvaldo Golijov Interview with Vilcek Foundation (2009); La Pasion Segun San Marcos Holland Festival (2009); and Tetro (2009).

Memorabilia consists of the award for the 4th Munich Biennale 1994 International Festival for New Music Theatre; and the BMW Music Theatre Prize.
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