Brodeur, Paul (1931- )

The Paul Brodeur collection includes manuscripts, research material, professional material, correspondence, printed material, research material, notebooks, and electronic media, among other material.

Manuscripts in the collection include multiple drafts, notes, and proofs for several of Brodeur's books.  Titles include The Sick Fox (novel, 1963); The Stunt Man (novel, 1970), as well as an outline and press release for the film version (released in 1980); The Zapping of America: Microwaves: Their Deadly Risk and Their Cover-Up, including research material and photographs (1977); Restitution: The Land Claims of the Mashpee, Pasamoquoddy, and Penobscott Indians of New England (1985); Outrageous Misconduct: The Asbestos Industry on Trial (1985); The Raising of the DeBraak (short stories, 1987);  Currents of Death: Power-Lines, Computer Terminals, and the Attempt to Cover-Up Their Threat to Your Health (1989); The Great Power-Line Cover-Up: How the Utilities and the Government are Trying to Hide The Cancer Hazard Posed By Electromagnetic Fields (1993); D-Day (short stories, 1994-1995); and Secrets: A Writer in the Cold War (1997).  Book drafts in the series also include The Scout’s Account: In the Shadow of the Mayflower (2009-2011); Trials and Tribulation (2012); and Trial and Error (2005-2012), among other titles. Also present is a draft of an article titled "Whatever Happened to The New Yorker That Published Rachel Carson's Secret Spring?"; drafts of an article on St. Patrick's Cathedral and Robert Kennedy's Funeral (1968); drafts of an article on Charles de Gaulle (1970); and other article drafts, unpublished works, research notes, and interviews. This series also includes Brodeur’s shorter works, such as short stories, speeches, and essays.

Professional material includes notes and schedules concerning various talks and speaking engagements (1976-1990), including The Society for Occupational Health and Women in the Workplace: An Historic Conference; Brodeur's notes for his testimony before the Nebraska Legislative Committee; and notes concerning a speaking tour in Japan (1995).  

The correspondence collection includes personal and professional correspondence, some of which regards notable correspondents such as Jacob Javitz, Franklin Roosevelt, Jr., Edward Brooke, Gerry Studds, Tom Glazer, and E.B. White. 

Printed material in the collection includes clippings regarding Brodeur’s literary critiques of others’ works and letters to the editor (2013).

Research material in the collection contains numerous subject files, including extensive files regarding the Soviet Union and Moscow Embassy; Indian land claims; Pandora researchers and projects; among other topics.

Notebooks in the collection include address books, Brodeur’s speeches from 1991 to 1994, and speech engagements from 1986.

Electronic media in the collection consists of floppy disks containing Retribution and a revised draft of Coral Sea (2002).

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