Glyn, Anthony (1922-1988)
The Anthony Glyn collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, legal materials, financial materials, photographs, and other materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short stories, poetry, stage plays, non-fiction, a travel book, and other items. Manuscripts are often typescript with various holograph connections and research notes.

Collected novel manuscripts include As High as My Heart, The Dragon Variation, A Man, A Dog, A Mountain, Romanza, Pink Satin Pavement, Rhineland Summer, Provence, The Terminal, and The Stolen Heart.

Collected short story manuscripts include "By Bell and Book," "Fly Away Home," "Flying High," ‘Give Me Your Answer, Do," "Hamilton House," "Hot Snow," "Hunch," "Letter to a Publisher’s Reader," "Love Letter Following," "Mr. King’s Night Out," "Roses Half the Way," "The Torch and the Whip," "Wednesday Night," "A Firkin of Ale," "Outcrop Coal," "The Unopened Letter," "The Mosquito," "A Book at Bedtime," and "The Return"—many of which remain unpublished. 

Collected poetry manuscripts include "Cats, Pepper and Mud," "Crucible," "The Heart of Glass," "I’m Sorry But I’ve Got My Pride," "Rain on the Sea," "Testament of a Poet," and "Treasurer on Earth."

Collected stage plays include "Cheese Straws without Brides," "Flood Tide," "Gardenia Limited," "Heat Haze," "The Moon Shines Black," "Red Letter Day," "The Tadpoles," "Time Doesn’t Fly," "The Travellers," "Two Went Up," "When Davina Comes," and "Where the Rainbow Ends."

Non-fiction manuscripts are collected under titles such as: "The Five Day Week Hermit," "Die Meistersinger," "New Wagner Opera," "Parsifal," "The Ring," "Tristan and Isolde," and "Wagner’s Last Opera."

Additional manuscript items include The Seine (a travel book) and "Love and Joy in Hayling Island and the Southwest" (by daughter, Caroline Glyn). Of special note is the manuscript for Eve of Battle (1943-44), consisting of sonnets written after the death of close friend Glyn Rhys Williams.

Collected correspondence (1950-70) is both professional and personal. Glyn collected correspondence with a variety of agents and publishing houses, such as A.M. Heath, Christopher Mann Management, Ltd., The Dial Press, Inc., Doubleday, Harcourt, Hutchison & Company, and Joyce Weiner. Family correspondence is collected, as well. Notables include Henry Kissinger, Rex Stout, and Clara Bow.

The collection’s printed materials largely concern literary affairs—interviews and guest appearances, promotional materials, newsclips and reviews, and miscellaneous printed materials.
Legal materials in the collection include 15 literary contracts between Glyn and various publishers regarding the printing of 8 books in different languages. A photocopied copyright registration certificate for The Dragon Variation is present, as well.

The collection also includes royalty statements regarding many of Glyn’s novels.

Photographs in the collection, color and black and white, capture Glyn at various events—book signings, awards, and a modern at show in Paris. More personal photos document Glyn’s residences, wife, and dog. Three color photos of Glyn on an Austrian mountain climb are also collected.

Miscellaneous items include research notes about the Danube, Lebanon, and Persia; brochures from Reno, Miami Beach, and American Express luxury hotels; a colored pencil cartoon of Sir Geoffrey; and a record of mountain’s Glyn climbed between August 1939 and July 1953.

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