A cartoon by Edward Sorel depicting Jack Warner, head of Warner Bros. Studio distributing money to some of the studio's biggest male stars of the 1930's and 40's.  The front three are Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson. From the Edward Sorel Collection.
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Kappel, Gertrude
(Lawrence, Robert Collection.)
Gilman, Lawrence, 1878-1939.
Letter to Gertrude Kappel.
Karajan, Herbert von
(Sargeant, Winthrop Collection.)
Karan, Donna
(MacLaine, Shirley Collection.)
TLS, November 17, 1995.
Karavongse, Phya Prabha
(Ingersoll, Ralph Collection.)
Letter, 1919
Karen, Alex
(Daly, Tyne Collection.)
ANS, n.d.
Kargopoulos, Philippos V.
( Cohen, Robert S. Collection.)
Karlen, Arno Milner
(Jerome, Judson Collection.)
Karloff, Boris
(McDowall, Roddy Collection.)
Letter; release signed.

Axelrod, George, 1922-
Boris Karloff, 3 p., typescript; letter; note on card; telegram; release signed.
Karloff, Boris
(Ferguson, Charles collection.)
Karmel, Alex
(Geismar, Maxwell Collection.)
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