A cartoon by Edward Sorel depicting Jack Warner, head of Warner Bros. Studio distributing money to some of the studio's biggest male stars of the 1930's and 40's.  The front three are Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson. From the Edward Sorel Collection.
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Umbrüch, Frik von
(Rainer, Luise Collection.)
Holograph, Dec. 1, 1941.
Holograph, ca. 1946.
6 ALS to Luise Rianer, 1942, 1946.
Drawing of a room (possible set design), 1940.
Underwood, Jefferson, ca. 1924-
(King, Martin Luther Jr. Collection. )
Typescript copy of telegram to Jefferson and Olean Underwood.
Underwood, Oscar Wilder
(Ingersoll, Ralph Collection.)
Letter, 1923.
Ungari, Enzo
(Roud, Richard Collection.)
Letter. Mimeo TLS to Carlos Clarens, May 27, 1981
Unger, Leonard
(Yarborough, William P. Collection.)
Ungerer, Tomi, 1931-
(Sorel, Edward Collection.)
ANS, no date.
Columbia University. School of Law
(Bortman, Mark and Llora and Foxcroft and Mayhew Family Papers.)
United States Continental currency (5 pieces). Two drafts to Peter Mumford dated April, 1782 and signed by M. Hillegas. Framed.
United States Sanitary Commission
(Military Historical Society of Massachusetts Collection.)
Papers collected by John S. Blatchford, General Secretary, including publications of the Army and Navy Claim Agency. 5 pkg. in 2 boxes. Printed and manuscript materials.
Partial contents: Pkg. I: Pieces issued under the auspices of the Commission arranged in a numbered sequence [by Blatchford?] (cf. MHS E631.A1.E66)
Pkg. II: Miscellany, leaflets, notices, blank forms, etc. including Broadside, 9/6/1864 issued by Union and Emancipation Society, Manchester, Eng.
Partial Contents Pkg. III: Reports of Relief Associations (general) General Aid Society for the Army. 1st report, 1862/63. Baltimore. Union Relief Assoc. Report, 1862. Louisana Soldiers Relief Assoc. Report, 1862. Maine Camp Hospital Assoc. Report, 1863. Mass. Soldiers Relief Assoc. Report, 1862. New England Soldiers Relief Assoc. Report, 1863. New England Soldiers Relief Assoc. Minutes, 1862.
Partial Contents Pkg. IV. Report of Women's Association. Baltimore. West End Ladies' Union Aid Assoc. Constitution, [1862] Baltimore. West End Ladies' Union Aid Assoc. 1st-2d report. 1862-63. Quincy, Ill. Needle Pickets. Report 2d-3d. 1863-64. Quincy, Ill. Needle Pickets. Constitution, 1862. Correspondence files of Blatchford including letters from Bowditch, Henry I, Gould, Dr. BA, original claim.
Partial Contents pkg V: Manuscripts of Blatchford. "A record of the personal service of our4 American women in the late war..." Holograph 43 l., incomplete. "First ms. of my report to Standnig Committee, May 3, 1867." Holograph 12 l. "Original ms. Resolutions passed at the 22d session of the U.S.S.C. 1865, J.S.B." Holograph 6 l. "Dr. Bellows original ms." May 9, 1865. Holograph 8 p. "Relating to work in the U.S. Prison at Washington, D.C. in 1866-67" [i.e. Women's activities incl. Mrs. Steel, Doolittle
United States. Alaska Railroad Commission
(Ingersoll, Ralph Collection.)
Ingersoll, Colin Macrae, 1858-1948.
Records, diary and memorabilia while he was a member of the Alaska Railroad Commission, 1912.
United States. Peace Corps
(Knebel, Fletcher Collection.)
Knebel, Fletcher. Peace Corps evaluation report in Liberia, 1965.
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