Vol. 2, No. 8
Partisan Review Issues
July 1935
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes "Mask, Image, and Truth," by Joseph Freeman, and "Between the World and Me," by Richard Wright.
Table of Contents:
"Mask, Image, and Truth," by Joseph Freeman
"Between the World and Me," by Richard Wright
"Home," by Jose Mancisidor
"Cry of Warning," by Francisco Rojas Gonzalez
"Greetings, Comrade," by Herman Litz Arzubide
"I Have Inherited No Country House," by Alfred Hayes
"They Do the Same in England," by Albert Halper
"The Hunt," by Ben Field
"Tradition and Experiment," by Alan Calmer, reviews of Collected Poems, 1929-1933 and A Hope for Poetry by C. Day Lewis
"American Tragedy," by William Phillips, review of Judgment Day by James T. Farrell
"Dialectic of Love and Hatred," by Obed Brooks, review of Poems by Kenneth Fearing
"Progress or Retrogression," by Edwin Rolfe, review of Kneel to the Rising Sun and Other Stories by Erskine Caldwell
"The Lower Depths," by Philip Rahv, review of Somebody in Boots by Nelson Algren
Associated Personal Entities:
Algren, Nelson, 1909-1981
Brooks, Obed
Caldwell, Erskine, 1903-1987
Calmer, Alan
Farrell, James T. (James Thomas), 1904-1979
Fearing, Kenneth, 1902-1961
Field, Ben, 1901-
Freeman, Joseph, 1897-1965
Halper, Albert, 1904-1984
Hayes, Alfred, 1911-1985
List Arzubide, Germán, 1898-
Mancisidor, José, 1894-1956
Phillips, William
Rahv, Philip, 1908-1973
Rojas González, Francisco, 1903-1951
Rolfe, Edwin, 1909-1954
Wolfe, Thomas, 1900-1938
Wright, Richard, 1908-1960
Associated Subjects:
Chicago (Ill.)
Labor Relations
Proletariat in literature
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