Vol. 4, No. 2
Partisan Review Issues
January 1938
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes writings by Elizabeth Bishop, John Dos Passos, Andre Gide, Delmore Schwartz, and Mary McCarthy.
Table of Contents:
"The Lawrence Myth," by William Troy
"Love Lies Sleeping," by Elizabeth Bishop
"Migratory Worker," by John Dos Passos
"Second Thoughts on the U.S.S.R.," by Andre Gide
"The Ballad of the Children of the Czar," by Delmore Schwartz
"Art Chronicle," by George L.K. Morris
"Hurry, Hurry," by Eleanor Clark
"An Exchange of Letters," by Kenneth Burke and Sidney Hook
"Theater Chronicle," by Mary McCarthy
"The Brown Book of Heinrich Heine," by Harry Levin, review of Heinrich Heine: Paradox and Poet by Louis Untermeyer
"Populist Realism," by Meyer Schapiro, review of An Artist in America by Thomas Hart Benton
"Art in the Second Empire," by George L.K. Morris, review of The Journal of Eugene Delacroix
"The Tower Beyond Politics," by Dwight Macdonald, review of Such Counsels You Gave to Me and Other Poems by Robinson Jeffers
Associated Personal Entities:
Arp, Hans, 1887-1966
Benton, Thomas Hart, 1889-1975
Bishop, Elizabeth, 1911-1979
Burke, Kenneth, 1897-1993
Clark, Eleanor, 1913-1996
Delacroix, Eugène, 1798-1863
Dos Passos, John, 1896-1970
Gide, André, 1869-1951
Heine, Heinrich, 1797-1856
Hook, Sidney, 1902-1989
Jeffers, Robinson, 1887-1962
Lawrence, D.H. (David Herbert), 1885-1930
Levin, Harry, 1912-1994
Macdonald, Dwight
McCarthy, Mary, 1912-1989
Morris, George L. K., 1905-1975
Morris, George L. K., 1905-1975
Odets, Clifford, 1906-1963
Schapiro, Meyer, 1904-1996
Schwartz, Delmore, 1913-1966
Troy, William, 1903-1961
Untermeyer, Louis, 1885-1977
Associated Subjects:
Jersey City (N.J.)
Socialism and literature--United States
Soviet Russia Studies
Partisan Review Issues