Vol. 31, No. 4
Partisan Review Issues
Fall 1964
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Printed Material
Some Comments on Senator Goldwater; "Notes on 'Camp'," by Susan Sontag; and writings by Robert Lowell and Muriel Spark.
Table of Contents:
"My Kinsman, Major Molineux" by Robert Lowell
"Notes on 'Camp'" by Susan Sontag
"Four Poems" by Muriel Spark
"Art and the New York Avant-Garde" by Max Kozloff
"Radicals of the Right" by R.H.S. Crossman
Some Comments on Senator Goldwater
by Daniel Bell
by Martin B. Duberman
by George P. Elliott
by Richard Hofstadter
by John Hollander
by Jack Ludwig
by Hans J. Morgenthau
by William Phillips
by Richard Poirier
by Philip Rahv
by Richard Schlatter
by William Taylor
"The Triumph of the Fact," by George Lichtheim, review of Abundance for What? by David Riesman
"Theory and Practice," by Marshall Berman, review of One-Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse
"Why Johnny Can't Write," by Mason W. Gross, review of High School English Textbooks, by James J. Lynch, Bertrand Evans
"Unlucky J.I.M.," by John Simon, review of Eight Modern Writers by John I.M. Stewart
"Spacecritics," by Paul de Man, reviews of
The Disappearance of God by J. Hillis Miller
The Widening Gyre by Joseph Frank
"The Master Builder," by Philip P. Hallie, reviews of Fearful Symmetry, Anatomy of Criticism, Fables of Identity, and The Well-Tempered Critic, by Northrop Frye
"Wit and Wisdom," by Reuben A. Brower, review of To the Palace of Wisdom by Martin Price
"Endgame," by Stephen Donadio, review of Waiting for the End by Leslie A. Fiedler
Associated Personal Entities:
Bell, Daniel, 1919-2011
Berman, Marshall, 1940-2013
Brower, Reuben A. (Reuben Arthur), 1908-1975
Burnham, James, 1905-1987
Crossman, R.H.S. (Richard Howard Stafford), 1907-1974
Donadio, Stephen
Duberman, Martin B.
Elliott, George P., 1918-1980
Evans, Bertrand, 1912-1999
Fiedler, Leslie A.
Frank, Joseph, 1916-1993
Frye, Northrop
Goldwater, Barry M. (Barry Morris), 1909-1998
Gross, Mason Welch, 1911-1977
Hallie, Philip Paul
Hofstadter, Richard, 1916-1970
Hollander, John
Johns, Jasper, 1930
Kozloff, Max
Lichtheim, George, 1912-1973
Lowell, Robert, 1917-1977
Ludwig, Jack Barry
Marcuse, Herbert, 1898-1979
Miller, J. Hillis (Joseph Hillis), 1928-
Morgenthau, Hans J. (Hans Joachim), 1904-1980
Phillips, William
Poirier, Richard
Rahv, Philip, 1908-1973
Riesman, David, 1909-2002
Schlatter, Richard, 1912-1987
Sontag, Susan, 1933-2004
Spark, Muriel
Stewart, Isabel Maitland
Taylor, William
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Arts—Experimental methods
Avant-garde (Aesthetics)
Literary criticism
Political campaigns – United States
Presidential candidates
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