Vol. 52, No. 3
Partisan Review Issues
Summer 1985
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Printed Material
An interview with Leszek Kolakowski; an interview with William Styron; and writings by Sergei Dovlatov, Dennis Wrong, Derek Walcott, Morris Dickstein, and Pico Iyer.
Table of Contents:
"Stalinism of the Right" by William Phillips
"The Performance" by Sergei Dovlatov
"The Decline of the Man of Letters" by Frank Kermode
"An Interview with Leszek Kolakowski" by Enrique Krauze
"Myths of Alienation" by Dennis Wrong
"Saint Lucia's First Communion; Night Fishing" by Derek Walcott
"Machine Portraits With Pendant Spaceman" (Verse) by Les Murray
"Untitled" (Verse) by Yves Bonnefoy
"After the Stroke" (Verse) by Rachel Hadas
"History Lessons" (Verse) by Stuart Dischell
"Waterlilies in the Muddy River" (Verse) by Sue Standing
"Mozambique" (Verse) by Michael Mott
"We Know Now" (Verse) by Judith Berke
"January" (Verse) by Frank J. Nisetich
"Sunlight on Fire Escapes" (Verse) by Jane Mayhall
"Revise, Revise" (Verse) by Brian O'Neill
"A Conversation with William Styron" by Gideon Telpaz
"Womanist Fiction and Male Characters" by George Stade
"Urban Comedy and Modernity" by Morris Dickstein
"New York Intellectuals" (Review) by Barbara Probst Solomon ---The Intellectual Follies, by Lionel Abel
"Tricks of Self-Consciousness" (2 reviews) by Pico Iyer ---Grace Abounding, by Maureen Howard; No Fond Return of Love, by Barbara Pym
"Remembering Max Hayward" (Review) by Sidney Monas ---Writers in Russia, 1917-1978, by Max Hayward, Patricia Blake
"Kinds of Recall" (3 reviews) by Marjorie Welish ---About Rothko, by Dore Ashton; Abstract Expressionist Painting in America, by William C. Seitz; Herbert Ferber, by Eugene C. Goossen
"The Prosaic Principle" (4 reviews) by David Lehman ---The Man in the Black Coat Turns, by Robert Bly; Tar, by C.K. Williams; The Kingfisher, by Amy Clampitt; The Sacrifice, by Frank Bidart
"Raymond Federman's Unwriting" (Review) by Alain Arias-Misson ---The Twofold Vibration, by Raymond Federman
Associated Personal Entities:
Abel, Lionel, 1910-2001
Ashton, Dore
Bennett, Arnold, 1867-1931
Berke, Judith
Bidart, Frank, 1939-
Blake, Patricia
Bly, Robert
Bonnefoy, Yves
Clampitt, Amy
Dickstein, Morris
Dischell, Stuart
Dovlatov, Sergei
Goossens, Eugene, 1893-1962
Hadas, Rachel
Hayward, Max
Howard, Maureen, 1930-
Iyer, Pico
Kermode, Frank, 1919-2010
Krauze, Enrique
Lehmann, David
Mayhall, Jane
Monas, Sidney
Mott, Michael
Murray, Les
Nisetich, Frank J.
O'Neill, Brian
Phillips, William
Pym, Barbara
Seitz, William Chapin
Solomon, Barbara Probst
Stade, George
Standing, Sue
Telpaz, Gideon
Walcott, Derek
Walker, Alice, 1944-
Welish, Marjorie, 1944
Williams, C. K. (Charles Kenneth), 1936
Wrong, Dennis Hume, 1923-
Associated Subjects:
Boston (Mass.)
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)
Literary criticism
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