Vol. 69, No. 2
Partisan Review Issues
Spring 2002
Content Type:
Printed Material
Includes writings by Mario Vargas Llosa, Annie Cohen-Solal, Kutumba Rao, and Edith Kurzweil.
Table of Contents:
"From Letters to a Young Novelist" by Mario Vargas Llosa
"Planting the Seeds of Modernism An Evening with Annie Cohen-Solal" by Annie Cohen-Solal
"An Interview" by Norman Manea
"Cynthia Ozick, Aesthete" by Sanford Pinsker
"Post-Mortems of the Sixties Deep Structure Specters and Walking Zombies" by David Sidorsky
"Leaving Italy" by Harvey Sachs
"The New Anti-Americanism America as an Orwellian Society" by Dmitry Shlapentokh
"Heartaches and Limitations Isaac Bashevis Singer" by Al Sundel
"The Autmn of Our Discontent" by Nicholas X. Rizopoulos
"The Job" by Kutumba Rao
"A star" "We explained" "Cloud" "Don't turn" by Venus Khoury-Ghata (tr. Rosanna Warren)
"Faithful to Life" "Homecoming" by Mario Luzi (tr. Thomas Day)
"The Invention of the Parachute" by Patrick Gilmore
"On Taking the Body Off the Cross" by Katie Ford
"A Life of Crime St. Julien l'Hospitalier" by Dorothea Tanning
"Caliban in After-Life" by Todd Hearon
"Throw Yourself Like Seed" by Steven Cramer
"Intellecutals or Pundits?" (Review) by Edith Kurzweil
Public Intellecutals A Study of Decline, by Richard A. Posner
"From Bildungsroman to Family Saga" (Review) by Anthony Chennells
The Sweetest Dream, by Doris Lessing
"T. S. Eliot's Achievements" (Review) by Igor Webb
Words Alone The Poet T. S. Eliot, by Denis Donoghue
"Advice from an Elder Statesman" (Review) by David Rodman
Does America Need a Foreign Policy? Toward a Diplomacy for the 21st Century, by Henry Kissinger
"Clement Greenberg" (Review) by Christopher Busa
Clement Greenberg A Critic's Collection, by Karen Wilkin and Bruce Guenther
"Living by the Word Alone" (Review) by Gyorgyi Voros
I Remain Voices of the Hungarian Poets from Transylvania, Edited by Gyöngyvér Harkó, Translated by Paul Sohar
Associated Personal Entities:
Busa, Christopher
Chennells, A. J.
Cohen-Solal, Annie, 1948-
Cohen-Solal, Annie, 1948-
Cramer, Steven, 1953-
Day, Thomas
Donoghue, Denis
Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965
Ford, Katie
Garaudy, Roger
Gilmore, Patrick
Guenther, Bruce
Harko, Gyongyver
Hearon, Todd, 1968-
Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945
Khoury-Ghata, Venus
Kimball, Roger, 1953-
Kissinger, Henry, 1923-
Kurzweil, Edith
Lessing, Doris, 1919-2013
Luzi, Mario
Manea, Norman
Manea, Norman
Mehlman, Jeffrey
Mehlman, Jeffrey
Ozick, Cynthia
Pinsker, Sanford
Posner, Richard A.
Rao, Kutumba
Rizopoulos, Nicholas X.
Rodman, David
Sachs, Harvey, 1946-
Shlapentokh, Dmitry
Sidorsky, David
Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1904-1991
Sohar, Pal
Sundel, Alfred
Tanning, Dorothea, 1910-2012
Vargas Llosa, Mario, 1936-
Vargas Llosa, Mario, 1936-
Voros, Gyorgyi, 1953-
Warren, Rosanna
Webb, Igor
Wilkin, Karen, 1940-
Associated Subjects:
Art, Italian -- 20th century.
Germany -- Politics and government -- 1945-1990
North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Political violence
United States -- Politics and government -- 20th century
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