Samuel A. Adams (1933-1988). Manuscripts, letters, notes, and other documents from the CIA analyst who attempted to expose the U.S. government's manipulation of information regarding the true size of the North Vietnamese army.

Stewart Alsop (1914-1974). Manuscripts, correspondence, notebooks, research material, photographs, memorabilia, and other items from the influential journalist, columnist, and author of Sub Rosa: The OSS and American Espionage.

George Bailey (1919-2001). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, audio, and other material from the reporter, broadcaster, author, and director of Radio Liberty from 1982 to 1985, including extensive material regarding Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe.

Boston University Optical Research Laboratory. A large collection of photographic images, technical reports, notes, correspondence, and other material, including several documents regarding the CORONA project, the U.S.'s first orbital spy satellite.

Dean Brelis (1924-2006). Manuscripts, notebooks, correspondence, photographs, and other material from the recognized journalist and author, including several documents regarding his work for the OSS in the mid-1940s.

Michael Burke (1918-1987). Manuscripts, letters, photographs, and other items from the noted author and entrepreneur, including many reports and other documents chronicling his exploits for the OSS behind the lines in Italy and France, as well as his work with the CIA.

Leo Cherne (1912-1999). A large collection of manuscripts, correspondence, and other material from the prominent economist, civil servant and founder of the International Rescue Committee, including extensive material on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and the Intelligence Oversight Board.

Austin Coates (1922-1997). Manuscripts, correspondence, research material, photographs, memorabilia, scrapbooks, diaries, and other items from the former British administrator of Hong Kong, including documents and reports regarding Chinese and Soviet operations from the early 1950s.

Silas Deane (1737-1789). Several letters to Silas Deane from various significant individuals, including Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Benedict Arnold. In the Irving P. Fox and Helen Joy Collection.

Edward Jay Epstein (1935- ). Manuscripts and research material from the acclaimed Investigative journalist, including material regarding Epstein's book Deception: The Invisible War Between the KGB and CIA.

Ralph de Toledano (1916-2007). Manuscripts, correspondence, research material, and other items from the influential conservative journalist and author of Spies, Dupes and Diplomats.

Ladislas Farago (1906-1980). Numerous letters and extensive research material, from the noted author of various writings on espionage, including the books Burn After Reading, War of Wits, Game of the Foxes, and Aftermath.

Field Family. Various documents regarding Herman and Noel Field's abduction and captivity by the Soviets.

Bella Fromm (1890-1972). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and research from the prominent Jewish German social reporter and author, including documents regarding her attempts to collaborate with the FBI to expose Nazis living in America during and after World War II.

Burton Hersh (1933- ). Manuscripts, notes, and correspondence from the author of The Old Boys: The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA.

Alger Hiss (1904-1996). Correspondence and other material regarding the controversial American State Department official accused by Richard Nixon of spying for the Soviet Union. In the Ralph de Toledano, Maxwell Geismar, and Flora Lewis Collections.

Tyler Kent (1911-1988). Letters, trial transcripts, and other material regarding Kent, an American arrested and imprisoned in London for attempting to expose secret communications between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

William Bennett Lewis (1904-1977). Manuscripts, correspondence, diaries, journals, scrapbooks, posters, and other material from the television and advertising executive, including numerous documents regarding his work administering the Office of War Information during World War II.

Marya Mannes (1904-1990). Manuscripts, correspondence, diaries, journals, audio, and other material from this influential and prolific novelist, playwright, memoirist, poet, and journalist; including documents regarding the Short Wave Research Project, her collaboration with the OSS.

Lawrence Martin-Bittman (1931- ). Manuscripts, letters, photographs, and various items from the former Czech propaganda and disinformation officer who defected to the United States.

James McCargar (1920-2007). A large collection of manuscripts, correspondence, and other material from this high-ranking CIA officer, including many documents regarding his work running agents in post-war Hungary as well as his work with Radio Free Europe.

Frantisek Moravec (1895-1966). An significant collection of writings, letters, and other documents from the former head of Czech intelligence.

Julius (1918-1953) and Ethel (1915-1953) Rosenberg. Numerous items regarding their case, including trial transcripts, flyers, pamphlets, booklets, ephemera, and other items. In the papers of David and Emily Alman, and Walter and Miriam Schneir. Also, material regarding their sons is present in the Abel Meeropol Collection.

Morton Sobell (1917- ). Pamphlets, press releases, newsletters, and other items regarding Morton and Helen Sobell. In the papers of David and Emily Alman, Walter and Miriam Schneir, and the Committee to Secure Justice for Morton Sobell.

Tad Szulc (1926-2001). Manuscripts, correspondence, notebooks, research material, photographs, and many other items from the prominent journalist and author of several books, including Compulsive Spy: The Strange Career of E. Howard Hunt.

Robin W. Winks (1930-2003). Manuscripts and correspondence from the author of Cloak and Gown: Scholars in the Secret War, 1939-1961.

William Yarborough (1912-2005). An extensive collection of manuscripts, letters, photographs, memorabilia, and other items from the influential U.S. Army Lieutenant General known as the "Father of the Modern Green Berets," including numerous documents regarding counterinsurgency as well as his clandestine work in Laos and Cambodia.

Espionage in Fiction. The Gotlieb Center holds the papers of several prominent authors of espionage and spy fiction, including Eric Ambler, Ted Allbeury, Fletcher Knebel, Leslie Charteris, Michael Underwood, Eric Clark, Basil Copper, Joseph Finder, Clive Egleton, Herbert Burkholz, Johannes Mario Simmel, and many others.