Criminals, Cops, and Judges Subject Guide
Anthony Babington (1920-2004). Various Manuscripts of Babington's including: The English Bastille: A History of Newgate Goal and Prison Conditions in Britain, 1188-1902 (Macdonald and Co., 1971); The Only Liberty: A Short History of the Law in Britain; For the Sake of Example: Capital Courts-Martial, 1914-1920 (St. Martin's Press, 1983) and others.
Malcolm Braly (1925-1980). Manuscripts for Braly's prison memoir On the Yard.
Matthew W. Bullock (1882-1972). Scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, and other items from a pioneering African American lawyer and public official in Massachusetts.
Lawrence H. Goldberg (1898-1980). Personal memorabilia, printed materials (comprised entirely of news-clippings), audio recordings, and diaries from Lawrence H. Goldberg.
Edward O Gourdin (1897-1966). Correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, legal materials, financial materials, diaries and journals, photographs, scrapbooks, and miscellany from Edward O. Gourdin.
Alan Harrington (1919-1997). Manuscripts and related items from the notable author.
Ludovic Kennedy (1919-2009). Manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, photographs, and scrapbooks from this notable author and journalist.
Robert Liberman. Manuscripts, correspondence, class notes, and other items from the distinguished law professor.
Stanley Loomis (1922-1972). Manuscripts from this notable author.
Hugh McLeave (1923-2009). Manuscripts, diaries, correspondence, notebooks, and other material from the prolific Scottish author, journalist, and crime correspondent at Scotland yard.
Francis J. McNamara (1896-1979). Letters and other documents from the prominent American lawyer and public servant.
Edith Patterson Meyer (1895-1993). Manuscripts and other items from the award-winning author of biographies and histories for young adults.
William F. Pepper (1937- ). Correspondence from the controversial American attorney and activist.
Giles Playfair (1910-1996). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, journals, notebooks, and other material from the noted English scholar, author, and prison reform advocate.
Gerald Posner (1954-). Manuscripts, research material, professional material, printed material, correspondence, audio and video, and other items. Posner manuscripts include: Mengele: The Complete Story, with John Ware (McGraw-Hill, 1986); Warlords of Crime: Chinese Secret Societies -The New Mafia (McGraw-Hill, 1988); The Bio-Assassins (novel, McGraw-Hill, 1989) and others.
Maurice Procter (1906-1973). Manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, film and video materials, and photographs. Procter's manuscripts include: Moonlight Flitting (1963), His Weight in Gold (1966), Rogue Running (1966), Exercise Hoodwink (1967) and others.
Melvin Purvis (1903-1960). Correspondence, memorabilia, and other items from the legendary FBI agent.
James Earl Ray (1928-2000). Correspondence between Ray's family and a few others from jail; includes approximately 400 letters (1969-1997) from the notorious assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Charles Silberman (1925-2011). Manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and research material from the notable journalist and author.
James F. Simon (1939-). Manuscripts, printed material, research material, correspondence, and personal memorabilia from the notable author.
Joseph L. Tauro (1931-). Legal material, correspondence, professional material, financial material, photographs, printed material, audio-visual material, personal memorabilia, and other material from the Judge.
Donald Thomas (1926-). Manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, research materials, film and video, audio materials, photographs, electronic media, and miscellaneous other materials. Thomas's manuscripts include drafts,, alternative chapters, and outlines of his books (fiction and nonfiction), edited works, short stories, teleplays, radio plays, and other short pieces., Examples include: Jekyll, Alias Hyde (1988); The Ripper's Apprentice (1989); The Raising of Lizzie Meek (1993); Dead Giveaway: Murder Avenged from the Grave (1993); The Arrest of Scotland Yard (1993); The Secret Cases of Sherlock Holmes (1998).
Dorothy Uhnak (1930-2006). Manuscripts and other items from the acclaimed mystery writer, including Policewoman, a memoir of her career as a detective in New York City.
Michael Underwood (1916-1992). Manuscripts and correspondence from the notable barrister and novelist. Manuscripts include: The Unprofessional Spy (1964), The Anxious Conspirator (1965), A Crime Apart (1966), The Man Who Died on Friday (1967), The Man Who Killed Too Soon (1968) and others.
Leslie Waller (1928-2007). Manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, audio material, and photographs. Manuscripts include: Show Me the Way (1947), The Bed She Made (1951), The Witching Night (1951), Lie Like a Lady (1955) and more.
Linda Wolfe (1935-2020). Manuscripts, correspondence, research, and other items from the prominent investigative writer, known for her books on infamous crimes.
Sidney Zion (1933-). Manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, photographs, audio recordings, and other material from the noted American journalist and author.