Philosophy Subject Guide
Milic Capek (1909-1997). Letters to Capek from various European scholars and philosophers.
Amiya Chakravarty (1901-1986). Correspondence and other items from the noted poet and academic. Included are letters from Mohandas Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Satyajit Ray, and many other important figures.
Robert S. Cohen (1923-2017). A large collection of material from the noted scientist, historian, author, editor, and educator.
Stanley Eveling (1925-2008). Manuscripts, correspondence, and other material from the award-winning English playwright, educator, and philosopher.
Jerome Hines (1921-2003). Manuscripts, photographs, audio and video recordings, memorabilia, costumes, and other material from the popular basso performer, composer, and mathematician.
Fritz Peters (1913-1979). Manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, and other items from the notable novelist and author.
Moacyr Scliar (1937-). Manuscript from the notable Brazilian author.
Lancelot Law Whyte (1896-1972). Manuscripts, printed material, diaries and journals, correspondence, photographs, and audio material from the notable author.
Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951). Manuscripts from the noted philosopher.
David Zilberman (1938-1977). Manuscripts, printed material, professional material, and correspondence from the notable author.