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Nelson Mandela and Dan Rather ca.1990. Dan Rather in Afghanistan ca.1980. The Dalai Lama and Dan Rather, October 9, 2007. Dan Rather reporting in Vietnam ca.1966. Fidel Castro and Dan Rather July, 1996. Dan Rather at The Texas School Book Depository building, June, 1967.

A Lifetime of Journalism is a site devoted to the life and work of one of the great reporters of modern America, Dan Rather.  It is a portal to the archive of personal and professional papers of this groundbreaking journalist.  Dan Rather knew from early in his career that he was a witness to history, and his archive is filled with his tools of the trade, and the record of his award-winning career. Reporters notebooks, interview notes, photographs, drafts of essays and news stories;  the collection documents not only Mr. Rather's long and storied career, but also documents the major milestones of contemporary American history.

Visit the "Search" page to begin exploring the online inventory of the more than 222 archival boxes that comprise the collection.  As the archive continues to grow, we will update the inventory to reflect new acquisitions.  Political rallies and assassinations, hurricanes and human interest are all to be found within those boxes, along with the living biography of a man who helps to translate history to us as he lives it alongside us. 

All photographs on this site, courtesy of the Dan Rather Collection.


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