A cartoon by Edward Sorel depicting Jack Warner, head of Warner Bros. Studio distributing money to some of the studio's biggest male stars of the 1930's and 40's.  The front three are Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson. From the Edward Sorel Collection.
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Caron, Leslie
(Johnson, Nunnally Collection.)
Caniff, Milton Arthur, 1907-1988
(Ketcham, Hank Collection.)
Letters; notes.
Case, Anna, 1888-1984
(Dee, Sylvia Collection.)
Signed inscription on photograph.
Capen, Elmer Hewitt, 1838-1905
(Warren, William F. Collection.)
Letters (7) to William F. Warren. Holographs dated Tufts College, Mass., May 24, 1878; December 16, 1878; May 30, 1879; June 7, 1879; March 12, 1885; with envelopes, November 2, 1896; and May 11, 1898.
Carpenter, Walter Samuel, 1888-1976
(Groueff, Stephane Collection.)
Tape recording of interview and transcript.
Carter, John Franklin, 1897-1967
(Knebel, Fletcher Collection.)
Carpenter, John W., 1916-1996
(Hoopes, Townsend Collection.)
Capehart, Homer E. (Homer Earl), 1897-1979
(Devereux, James collection.)
Cass, Lewis, 1782-1866
(Ingersoll, Ralph Collection.)
Letter (ALS) to Col. Ingersoll, 1850?_x000B_
Carney, Jack
(Wells, H. G. Collection.)
Interview with Mr. H. G. Wells, 4 p., typescript with profuse holograph corrections and additions by H. G. Wells.
Wells, Herbert George, 1866-1946. Letter to Jack Carney.
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