Criticism Subject Guide
Richard Andersen (1946- ). Manuscripts and correspondence from the American author, critic, and biographer.
Robert Barnard (1936-2013). Manuscripts and notebooks from the notable critic and crime writer. Manuscripts include: Death of an Old Goat (1974); A Little Local Murder (1976); Blood Brotherhood (1977) and others.
Jonathan Baumbach (1933- ). Manuscripts and other material from the American avant-garde author and educator, including material about the Fiction Collective.
E.M. Beekman (1939-2008). Manuscripts, correspondence, research, and other items from the recognized Dutch author, scholar, and translator.
Robert Benchley (1889-1945). Manuscripts, diaries, scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, and other material.from the legendary American author and humorist.
Ivor Brown (1891-1974). Manuscripts and other material from the notable literary critic and author.
R.V. Cassill (1919-2002). Manuscripts, professional material, correspondence, audio/visual material, and other items. Manuscripts include: Clem Anderson (Simon and Schuster, 1961); Pretty Leslie (Simon and Schuster, 1963); The President (Simon and Schuster, 1964) and others.
Samuel Chotzinoff (1899-1964). Manuscripts, printed material, and correspondence from the notable author. Manuscripts include a variety of material related to numerous speaking engagements, radio scripts and program announcements, and drafts of various articles and book projects by Chotzinoff.
Barbara Compton (1902-1999). Manuscripts, correspondence, and other material from the notable author.
Hubert Creekmore (1907-1966). Manuscripts and correspondence, including letters from Anthony Boucher, Cleanth Brooks, Clifton Fadiman, Richmond Lattimore, Marianne Moore, Robert Penn Warren, Eudora Welty, Richard Wilbur, and several other noted poets and writers.
Guy Daniels (1919-1989). Manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and other items from the notable critic and author.
David Dempsey (1914-1999). Manuscripts, research, and other material from the popular and versatile American author, critic, columnist, and non-fiction writer.
Wallace Fowlie (1908-1998). Manuscripts and correspondence from the distinguished American poet, scholar, educator, and translator of French literature.
Edmund Fuller (1914-2001). Manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, personal memorabilia, legal materials, financial materials, photographs, diaries, and miscellaneous materials. Manuscripts include: Man in Modern Fiction, The Coming Christian Underground, The Morning and the Evening, The Woodchucks, and others.
Maxwell Geismar (1909-1979). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, audio, and other items from the esteemed critic and literary historian, including several letters, manuscripts, photos, and other items regarding Eldridge Cleaver (Geismar edited and wrote the introduction to Cleaver's book Soul on Ice.
W. Speed Hill (1935-2007). Drafts, notebooks, and research material from the recognized editor and scholar of English literature.
Stanley Kauffmann (1916-2013). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, and other material from the American author, editor, and film critic at The New Republic for more than five decades.
Robert Kirsch (1922-1980). Manuscripts, correspondence, and printed material from the notable critic.
Suzanne Lilar (1901-1992). Various published writings and other printed items from the noted Belgian novelist, critic and playwright.
Frank Marcus (1928-1996). Manuscripts, correspondence, and other items. Manuscripts include: Minuet for Stuffed Birds (1949; first produced in London, 1950); Round Dance (1951); A Game of Love (1953); The Lucky Charm (1954) and others.
Frank S. Nugent (1908-1966). Manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, professional materials, photographs, and other materials. Notable correspondents include Samuel Goldwyn, William Dozier, Walt Disney, Jeanette MacDonald, George Antheil, Ruth Gordon, and Norman Taurog.
Virgilia Peterson (1904-1966). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and other material from the revered literary critic and author.
Henry Pleasants (1910-2000). Manuscripts, correspondence, audio recordings, printed material, subject files, and other items from the notable critic.
Andrew Porter (1928-2015). Drafts and correspondence from the notable critic.
Edward L. Proffitt (1938-2012). Manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, and professional materials.Manuscripts include: Reading and Writing about Short Fiction (1988), Reading and Writing about Literature (1990), Prose in Brief: Reading and Writing Essays (1991) and others.
Frank Rahill (1897-1985). Proofs of the work The World of Melodrama, from the notable critic and author Rahill.
Charles Reid (1900-1987). Various material regarding composers, conductors, instrumentalists, singers, pop musicians, and recording artists used by Reid in writing his music critiques.
Harold U. Ribalow (1919-1982). Manuscripts, printed materials, photographs, and correspondence from the notable journalist and author Ribalow.
Gordon Rogoff (1931- ). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, notebooks, audio, and other items from the influential American drama critic, scholar, and educator.
David G. Rubin (1924-2008). Manuscripts and other material from the American-born novelist, translator, and authority on the literature of India.
Winthrop Sargeant (1903-1986). Several drafts, notes, and letters regarding Sargeant's 1974 translation of the Bhagavad Gita, as well as Sargeant's diary of his trip to India in 1948-1949; along with his other papers regarding his career as a noted music critic.
Francis Scarfe (1911-1986). Manuscripts and correspondence, including letters from Henry Steele Commager, Cyril Connolly, T. S. Eliot, Robert McClellan, Herbert Read, Laura Riding, Stephen Spender, Ruthven Todd, and several others.
Harold C. Schonberg (1915-2003). Printed material consisting of published columns, reviews, articles, and books along with extensive research materials, manuscripts, countless correspondences, notebooks, scrapbooks, photographs and a vast collection of holograph notes of the notable music critic and author. Includes biography of Vladimir Horowitz.
Webster Schott (1927-2016). Manuscripts and correspondence from the recognized poet, critic, and editor.
Elizabeth Sewell (1919-2001). Manuscripts, correspondence, research, diaries, audio, and other material from the distinguished and prolific poet, novelist, scholar, and critic.
Robert Lewis Shayon (1912-2008). Manuscripts, audio and video recordings, correspondence, and much more from the legendary radio and television producer, director, broadcaster, media historian, and critic.
Richard Dana Skinner (1893-1941). Correspondence, manuscripts, and other material from the noted American journalist, author, critic, and economist.
Marc Slonim (1894-1976). Manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, financial and legal documents, scrapbooks, personal memorabilia, and audio from the notable critic.
Edward Wagenknecht (1900-2004). Manuscripts, professional material, printed material, correspondence, scrapbooks, and other items. Manuscripts include: Longfellow: A Full-Length Portrait (Longmans, Green, 1955); Edgar Allan Poe: The Man Behind the Legend (Oxford University Press, 1963) and others.
Peter Wolfe (1933- ). A draft of Wolfe's book on John le Carre, The Corridors of Deceit, by the eminent crime fiction scholar and critic.