Dance Subject Guide
Fred Astaire (1899-1987). Scrapbooks, costumes and other clothing, and other items from the notable dancer Fred Astaire.
Elizabeth Burchenal (1876-1959). Correspondence, photographs, and other material from the prominent educator, scholar of folk dance, and founder and director of the National Committee of Folk Arts of the United States. Part of the Boston University Archives.
Maya Deren (1917-1961). An important collection of journals and diaries, manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, professional material, financial material, photographs, audiovisual material, and other items from the pioneering and influential dancer, choreographer, and experimental filmmaker, including numerous photographs and recordings regarding her groundbreaking examination of voudon in Haiti.
Tamara Geva (1907-1997). Material regarding her memoir Split Seconds, by the great Russian actress, dancer, and choreographer.
Howard Jeffrey (1935-1988). Screenplays, printed materials, professional materials, legal materials, photographs, film and video, and audio materials from the notable film producer and choreographer.
Gene Kelly (1912-1996). Professional material, manuscripts, correspondence, sheet music, and awards from the notable American dancer, actor, singer, choreographer, and producer.
James Kirkwood (1924-1989). Manuscripts, research material, printed material, audio, and other items from the notable American author, playwright, and actor.
Murray Louis (1926-). Printed material from the notable dancer and choreographer Murray Louis.
Shirley MacLaine (1934-). A large collection of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, video and audio recordings, memorabilia, and much more, from the legendary film actress and political activist.
Alicia Markova (1910-2004). Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, programs, memorabilia, and other items, from the legendary English ballerina, choreographer, director, and teacher.
Herbert Ross (1927-2000) and Nora Kaye (1920-1987) Correspondence, photographs, programs, posters, scrapbooks, and other items from the acclaimed American ballerina and choreographer. In the Harold Ross and Nora Kaye Collection.