Humor, Comedy, and Satire Subject Guide
Joey Adams (1911-1999). Manuscripts, photographs, correspondence, printed material, audio recordings, film, and memorabilia from the notable comedian.
Charles Alverson (1935- ). Manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, financial material, legal material, diaries and journals, photographs, audio, film reels, personal memorabilia, electronic media, and miscellany from the notable novelist.
John Antrobus (1933- ). Manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, journals and diaries, notebooks, photographs, audio, artwork, legal material, professional material, research material, and financial material from the notable playwright.
Richard Armour (1906-1989). Manuscripts, photographs, memorabilia, and more from the popular American poet and literary critic, best known for his humorous and satirical verse and prose.
Isaac Asimov (1920-1992). A large collection of manuscripts, notebooks, correspondence, photographs, and much more from the American grandmaster of science fiction, including his seminal works I, Robot (1950) and the "Robot" series; the "Foundation" novels; and numerous short stories, essays, criticism, book reviews, memoirs, introductions, and other items.
Russell Baker (1925-2019). Manuscripts, photographs, correspondence, printed material, notebooks, subject files, legal and financial material, personal memorabilia, and artwork from the notable author.
Nathaniel Benchley (1915-1981). Manuscripts for several juvenile and young adult novels, dating from 1960 to 1981; as well as several other manuscripts, correspondence, audio recordings, photographs, and other items.
Robert Benchley (1889-1945). Manuscripts, diaries, scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, and other material.from the legendary American author and humorist.
Thomas Berger (1924-2014). Manuscripts, a journal, correspondence, printed material, audio, and other items from the notable author.
Jesse Bier (1925- ). Manuscripts, subject files, and correspondence from the notable author.
E. Simms Campbell (1906-1971). Artwork, proofs, correspondence, photographs, and other items from the groundbreaking African-American artist, illustrator, and cartoonist.
Al Capp (1909-1979). Numerous original daily and Sunday comic strips, from the legendary creator of the Lil' Abner comic strip.
Richard Condon (1915-1996). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, research material, audio, and other material from the popular novelist, including several letters regarding Condon's early career as film publicist in the 1940s.
Marc Connelly (1890-1980). Manuscripts, correspondence, research material, and many other items from the prolific playwright, author, and member of the Algonquin Round Table.
Francis Dahl (1907-1973). Subject files from the notable cartoonist.
Peter De Vries (1910-1993) Manuscripts from the notable author, known for his humorous novels satirizing American life.
Art Gates (1911-1976). Artwork, proofs, photographs, memorabilia, and more from the recognized illustrator and comic strip artist.
David Gest (1940-2016). Correspondence, photographs, and other material from the American concert promoter and media personality.
Terry Gilliam (1940-). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, audio, video, and much more from the visionary filmmaker and animator, including material for his seminal filmsTime Bandits, Brazil, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, and12 Monkeys.
Harold Gray(1894-1968). Artwork, proofs, correspondence, journals, memorabilia, and more from the pioneering creator of Little Orphan Annie.
Rex Harrison (1908-1990). Personal material, manuscripts, photographs, correspondence, professional material, printed material, and other items from this notable actor.
Hank Ketcham (1920-2001). A large collection of artwork, correspondence, manuscripts, memorabilia, and much more from the influential creator of Dennis the Menace comic strip.
James Kirkwood (1924-1989). Manuscripts, research material, printed material, audio, and other items from the notable American author, playwright, and actor.
Max Liebman (1902-1981). Several items regarding the television comedy series Your Show of Shows, where Liebman was the director, and the NBC television program Stanley, which Liebman produced and often directed. The material regarding Your Show of Shows includes correspondence, production schedules, memos, contracts, act breakdowns, script fragments, set design drawings and set blueprints, and photographs. Also present are four scrapbooks covering the years 1950, and 1952 to 1954.
Beatrice Lillie (1894-1989). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and other items from the popular Canadian actress, singer, and comedienne, known for her work with Noël Coward and Cole Porter.
Tom O'Horgan (1926-2009). A large collection of manuscripts, correspondence, production material, and much more from the legendary American theatrea and film actor, director, composer, and musician.
Frederick Burr Opper (1857-1937). Artwork, manuscripts, correspondence, and other material from the pioneering editorial cartoonist, as well as the creator of Happy Hooligan and other popular comic strips.
Mary-Louise Parker (1964-). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, personal items, and other material from this acclaimed star of stage and screen.
Suzanne Pleshette (1937-2008). Manuscripts, photographs, research, correspondence, memorabilia, and other items from the noted television actress.
Jack Rosen (1914-1989). Original drawings of numerous caricatures of notable individuals, mostly signed by their subjects.
Anna Russell (1911-2006). Manuscripts, photographs, recordings, personal memorabilia, and printed material from this notable singer and comedienne.
Otto Soglow (1900-1975). Numerous original drawings of cartoons for The Little King comic strip, as well as drawings for The New Yorker and Collier's magazines.
Paul Szep (1941-). Hundreds of original drawings, as well as correspondence, photographs, and other items from the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning, often-controversial editorial cartoonist, known for his work at The Boston Globe.
Edward Everett III [Patrick Dennis] Tanner (1921-1976). Manuscripts from the notable author.
Barbara Ucko (1945-). Manuscripts, correspondence, and notebooks from the noted American novelist and writer.
Robin Williams (1951-2014). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, audio and video recordings, memorabilia, and other material from one of America's most popular comedians, including scripts for Mork and Mindy, the series that made Williams famous.
Marvin Worth (1925-1998). Manuscripts, photographs, printed material, audio material, film and video, professional material, and correspondence from this American actor, screenwriter, and producer.