African American Collections -- Journalism Subject Guide
Bay State Banner. Photographs originally published in the Bay State Banner, an African-American newspaper based in Boston, Massachusetts.
Della Hardman (1922-2005). An extensive collection of manuscripts, photographs, printed items, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and other items from this prominent African-American Massachusetts journalist and educator.
Alex Poinsett (1926-2015). Manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, research materials, financial materials, photographs, and subject files from the notable journalist.
John Robinson (1945-1995). Printed material, photographs, manuscripts, correspondence, professional material, legal material, and memorabilia from the notable journalist.
The Guardian of Boston/W.M. Trotter A vital collection of published editions of the Guardian, correspondence, photographs, ephemera, financial records, printed materials and the manuscript for Trotter's book,The Guardian of Boston. Also included are Trotter's associations with organizations such as: the National Equal Rights League (Trotter was the founder), NAACP, Boston Literary and Historical Association, and the Pullmans Association; also included are manuscripts, printed materials and correspondence by and regardingGuardian journalist Maybray Koontz.