Women's Studies Collections -- Politics, Religion, Public Affairs, and Social Activism Subject Guide
David (1919- ) and Emily (1921-2004) Alman. Manuscripts, correspondence, memorabilia, and other items from the American authors, pacifists, and civil rights activists. Includes several items of note regarding the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg espionage trial.
Mary Benson (1919-2000). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and much more from the important South African journalist, author, and active opponent of apartheid. Includes letters from Nelson Mandela.
Barbara Deming (1917-1984). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and much more from the noted American lesbian journalist, author, editor, and activist for peace and women's rights.
Welthy H. Fisher (1879-1980) and Frederick Bohn Fisher (1882-1938) A large collection of manuscripts, photographs, correspondence, scrapbooks, diaries, memorabilia, and much more from the celebrated American missionary, promoter of literacy, and cultural ambassador to India. Includes significant correspondence from Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore. In the Frederick Bohn Fisher and Welthy H. Fisher Collection.
Mildred Buchanan Flagg (1886-1980). Manuscripts from the noted Bostonian author, lecturer, and society figure.
Grace Nies Fletcher (1895-1991). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and other items from this American author, known for her writings on Christianity and her accounts of her extensive world travels.
Eleanor Clark French (1908-1990). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and other items from the noted writer, editor, and Democratic Party official.
Linda May French. Correspondence and other items from a Massachusetts suffragette and women's rights activist in the 1900s. Part of the Boston University Archives.
Emma Goldman (1896-1940). Several letters to Goldman as well as some from her; also photographs, printed flyers and notices, and other items regarding the iconic anarchist, feminist, and civil liberties activist.
Han Suyin (1917-2012). Manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, photographs, audio recordings, and films. Includes biography of Zhou En-lai.
Catherine (1889-1985) and Michael Karolyi (1875-1955) Manuscripts, correspondence, and other items from these two members of the Hungarian aristocracy; Count Karolyi served as the Hungarian ambassador to France after World War II.
Yasmin Aga Khan (1949- ). Correspondence and other items from the American philanthropist, known for her work increasing public awareness of Alzheimer's disease.
Joshua (1894-1988) and Fan Loth Liebman (1904-1976) Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and more from the Jewish author and wife of the great Rabbi Joshua Loth Liebman. In the Joshua Loth and Fan Loth Liebman Collection.
Scott (1883-1983) and Helen Nearing (1904-1995) Manuscripts, files, correspondence, photos, personal items, and other material from the pioneering author, environmentalist and social activist.
Janet Moreau Stone. Scrapbooks and memorabilia from the American Olympic Gold Medal relay winner at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland.
Naomi Burton Stone (1911-2004). The Naomi Burton Stone collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and other material.
Sue Bailey Thurman (1903-1996). Manuscripts, subject files, correspondence, personal memorabilia, and photographs from this pioneering African-American historian, editor, author, and feminist.
Dorothy Uhnak (1930-2006). Manuscripts and other items from the acclaimed mystery writer, including Policewoman, a memoir of her career as a detective in New York City.
Barbara Ward, Lady Jackson (1914-1981). Proofs from the notable economist and professor.
Faith R. Whittlesey (1939-2018). Correspondence, diaries, professional files, scrapbooks, photographs, audio, video, and other material from the prominent New York State Republican and former U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland.
Pearl Willen (1903-1968). Correspondence, manuscripts, and other documents from the influential New York labor and feminism activist, including several items regarding her presidency of the National Council of Jewish Women.