Women's Studies Collections -- Science and Health Professions Subject Guide
Sally Carrighar (1895-1985). Manuscripts, scrapbooks and more from the noted naturalist and writer, known for her books chronicling the lives of wild animals.
Lucy Freeman (1916-2004). Manuscripts for various works by the pioneering American journalist, known for her groundbreaking coverage of psychiatry and mental health.
Beatrice Trum Hunter (1918-2017). Manuscripts, research, correspondence, audio recordings, and other items from one of America's most prominent nutritionists and food safety experts, a trailblazer in her field.
Ruth Moore (1908-1989). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, research, and scrapbooks from the popular science writer and civic activist, known for her writings on evolution.
Rhoda Truax (1901-2000). Manuscripts, correspondence, and photographs from the historian of the medical profession, known for her book The Doctors Warren of Boston.
Bradford Washburn (1910-2007). A large collection of correspondence, manuscripts, and other documents from the legendary photographer, mountaineer, explorer, and cartographer.