Women's Studies Collections -- Music and Dance Subject Guide
Marin Alsop (1956- ). Scores, correspondence, photographs, and other material from the acclaimed American violinist, conductor, and music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra.
Martina Arroyo (1937- ). Audio recordings, scrapbooks, reviews, awards, and other items from the great African-American soprano.
Karin Branzell (1891-1974). Correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia from the noted Swedish contralto.
Sarah Caldwell (1924-2006). An extensive collection of correspondence, musical scores, programs, production files, manuscripts, scrapbooks, audio and video recordings, and much more from the legendary conductor, producer, and director, including numerous items pertaining to the Opera Company of Boston.
Eva Wagner Chamberlain (1867-1942). Correspondence from important German cultural figures, including several from the Wagner family, to the daughter of Richard Wagner and wife of influential English fascist Houston Stewart Chamberlain.
Phyllis Curtin (1921-2016). Photographs, scores, and other items from the acclaimed American soprano singer and educator.
Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996). Musical manuscripts and photographs from one of the all-time great African-American jazz vocalists.
Olive Fremstad (1871-1951). Scores, photographs, and personal items from one of the great Wagnerian mezzo-sopranos.
Tamara Geva (1907-1997). Material regarding her memoir Split Seconds, by the great Russian actress, dancer, and choreographer.
Denyce Graves (1963). An extensive collection of correspondence, professional material, programs, photographs, awards, and other items, documenting the life and career of this acclaimed operatic and popular African-American vocalist.
Libby Holman (1904-1971). Correspondence, photographs, audio recordings, memorabilia, and other items from the legendary torch singer and civil rights advocate.
Dorothy Kirsten (1910-1992). Seven scrapbooks documenting the life and career of this revered American soprano.
Pierre Luboshutz (1891-1971) and Genia Nemenoff (1905-1989) Printed material, photographs, and other material from the notable Pianists.
Jean Madeira (1924-1972). Photographs, programs, and clippings regarding the celebrated American contralto.
Alicia Markova (1910-2004). Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, programs, memorabilia, and other items, from the legendary English ballerina, choreographer, director, and teacher.
Margaret Starr McLain. Musical scores, correspondence, photographs, and other items by this influential American pianist and pedagogue. Part of the Boston University Archives.
Erica Morini (1904-1995). Manuscripts, personal memorabilia, photographs, printed materials, correspondence, financial materials, film and video materials, and audio materials from the notable violinist.
Herbert Ross (1927-2000) and Nora Kaye (1920-1987) Correspondence, photographs, programs, posters, scrapbooks, and other items from the acclaimed American ballerina and choreographer. In the Harold Ross and Nora Kaye Collection.
Anna Russell (1911-2006). Manuscripts, photographs, recordings, personal memorabilia, and printed material from this notable singer and comedienne.
Bidú Sayão (1902-1999). Scores, photographs, correspondence, and personal items from the great Brazilian soprano.
Rise Stevens (1923-2013). Scrapbooks, printed material, manuscripts, correspondence, sheet music, photographs, awards, and artwork from the celebrated mezzo-soprano.
Jennie Tourel (1900-1973). Audio recordings, photographs, correspondence, and other items from the popular mezzo-soprano, known for her recitals of contemporary music.
Rosalyn Tureck (1914-2003). An extensive collection of manuscripts, audio and video recordings, photographs, correspondence, sheet music and scores, research, and other material, from the pioneering pianist, harpsichordist, critic, and educator, known as “The First Lady of Bach.”
Deborah Voigt (1960-). Correspondence, photographs, programs, reviews, audio recordings, and other items from one of America’s pre-eminent sopranos.