Christopher Dickey: Reporting From the Front Lines

From the jungles of Nicaragua and the deserts of the Middle East to the political jungle of Washington, D.C., journalist and author Christopher Dickey has been there, in the thick of the action, observing and reporting. This exhibition traces his career through its geographical rambling and the reporting it produced. The exhibition begins with Dickey at work on his first book, WITH THE CONTRAS: A Reporter in the Wilds of Nicaragua (1986). There are pages from an early draft of the book, here titled, "Suicide!" as well a personal diary documenting his investigative work. The immediacy of danger is most easily conveyed through the photograph of Dickey, deep in the Nicaraguan jungle, surrounded by a small band of Contra rebels in 1983..

Dickey is posted to Cairo and the exhibition follows him through articles on elephant-poaching in Kenya to the world of the "expat" in the Arab world. An assortment of press passes and heavily-stamped passports document a full and exotic calendar.

Christopher Dickey is the son of American poet/author James Dickey; and the exhibition explores their complicated relationship through Christopher Dickey's personal memoir, SUMMER OF DELIVERANCE: A Memoir of Father and Son (1998). Manuscript pages from an early draft along with correspondence and family photographs shed light on a complex family story.

Christopher Dickey is appointed NEWSWEEK Paris bureau chief, as documented in a photograph of Dickey in his Paris office with a stunningly famous architectural landmark clearly visible outside his window. Dickey's most recent book, SECURING THE CITY: Inside America's Best Counterterror Force - The NYPD (2009) is the final element represented in the exhibition and indicates his continued connection to the frontlines of reporting.


This exhibition is no longer on view.


Christopher Dickey
Christopher Dickey