The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center is a vital, interdisciplinary resource available to students who wish to explore their personal and academic interests. As part of the Center's mission to enrich the student experience, we present a variety of free programs each semester such as seminars, workshops, classes, lectures, receptions and readings.

We welcome you to visit our website to stay informed on all of our programs and events, and invite you to get involved. Please contact us with questions or comments.

Student Discovery Seminars

Student Discovery Seminars give you the opportunity to examine original letters, manuscripts and photographs from the Center's rich collections. They are designed to introduce you to the realm of manuscripts and hopefully inspire you with our rich display of documents on a specific topic.

At each seminar original material will be arranged for you to view and hold. Center staff and guest faculty will talk briefly on the relevance of the material. The greater part of the hour will be yours to walk the room, handle the documents, and experience your own revelations.

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Student Enrichment Series

To enrich the student experience, we draw on the Center's resources to bring artists, writers, directors and other creative professionals to campus.

Among these special guests, you will find individuals who serve as role models and mentors, and their archives reflect the trials and successes of their lives and work in their various professions.

You will be introduced to them as they perform, lecture, answer questions, conduct master classes, and share with you their advice about the future. The Student Enrichment Series is an excellent way to experience something for the first time or to continue to explore an existing passion or interest.

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HGARC Student Book Collecting Contest

In 1967, the Friends of the Libraries of Boston University (now the Friends of the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center) launched a book collecting contest to introduce students to the joys of creating their own libraries and to encourage them in this gratifying pursuit. The contest is held in March and April, with the winners announced at the Friends Annual Meeting. Awards range from $200 to $1,500, including a best essay category. The contest is open to all full time students in the University's undergraduate, graduate and professional schools.

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For a full history and contest rules and guidelines, please click here.

Exhibition Programs

Our extensive exhibition program throughout the Library building is designed to highlight poignant moments in our cultural history by displaying important items from the personal archives of those public figures we collect. The Center's exhibitions showcase some of our most influential collectees, such as Bette Davis, Samuel Beckett, Martin Luther King, Jr., President Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Senator Edward W. Brooke III, Robert Frost, Nikki Giovanni, Robert B. Parker, Dan Rather, David Halberstam, BD Wong, Tyne Daly, Forest Whitaker and Willem Dafoe. They are there for your perusal.

For a full list of our exhibitions, please click here.
Get Involved

The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center employs many Boston University students to assist with the daily collecting activities. Student duties include helping to answer questions from scholars who want to consult our collections; applying basic preservation techniques to archival materials; mounting and designing exhibitions and promoting events. If you are interested in participating in the everyday workings of our world-renowned collection, please contact us at

Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board helps the Center hear directly from students what they are interested in, and what types of programs meet their needs for personal and academic enrichment. It helps the Center structure its promotional campaigns and gives us feedback on our student outreach. The board was instrumental in designing the Center's highly successfully Ready to Vote program, which brought politicians, journalists and artists to campus to discuss issues shaping the 2008 & 2012 Presidential elections. The board also helped lead the Center's participation in a Martin Luther King, Jr., Peace Concert, a student-run fundraiser that involved more than 80 student organizations.

If you are interested in joining the Gotlieb Center's Student Advisory Board, please email us your resume.

Student Internships

Internship opportunities at the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center are available for Boston University students. The Center has had student interns from the Editorial Institute, the Public Relations Program, and other departments. If you are interested in internship opportunities at the Center, please contact your academic advisor and email us at

The Center also has partnered with Simmons College's Graduate School of Library and Information Science to create a student internship program in archival management. If you are a graduate student at Simmons and are interested in this program, please contact your academic advisor or contact the Simmons Library and Information Science program.

Student Research

The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center holds the documents, books, photographs and other materials of notable figures in the fields of literature, journalism, theatre, film, music, politics, diplomacy, criticism, and public service. Researchers from around the world consult these archives regularly; and hundreds of books, dissertations, articles and papers, and scores of documentary films are based on materials drawn from our collections.

We are an excellent resource for students who wish to make their own discoveries by consulting primary source material which can be used for writing papers and designing projects. Please examine our student research guides and learn how you can use the Center for your own scholarship. You can also find more information on our Information for Researchers page.

Student Testimonials

"The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center lives and breathes the wisdom and knowledge of so many great minds. During my time at Boston University, Vita and each of the Center's staff members became a conduit of that wisdom, teaching so many of us the many important life lessons that ultimately brought us to a deeper understanding of self." - Jay Youmans, CFA'08

Testimonials from a seminar conducted by Ryan Hendrickson (Assistant Director for Manuscripts) with a Media Relations Class (COM 441)

     "Thank you for sharing your great knowledge of the archives center with us. I truly enjoyed learning from our first hand documents, and I will definitely continue to utilize the archive's vast resources!"

     "Thank you for taking the time to show us some of the items in the archives center. I learned a lot of new things and you have truly sparked my interest in doing more with the archives center. I will definitely be attending future events!" - Jessica

     "The archives were wonderful and I thank you so much for having us! I hope the center gets more exposure because it is a terrific tool for students and researchers. Thank you once again for your help and guidance!" - Solange

     "Thanks so much for having us. I really had an amazing time in the archives. I have never taken advantage of this resource but now I will! Thanks again!" - Jahna

     "Thank you so much for hosting us! The artifacts and your knowledge were beyond interesting! I did not know it was there, but now I am a regular!" - Sam

     "Thank you so much for having us at the archives! They are a great resource for any and all students -- one that I never even knew existed! Needless to say, they were very informative and interesting, in great part thanks to you." - Jackie Paris

     "The archives were such a great experience! I had no idea what an amazing resource was there. Thanks for having us!" - Leigh Ann