Friends Speaker Series: Justice & Espionage

Professors Erik Goldstein, Igor Lukes, Joe Wippl and John Woodward; sons of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg Michael and Robert Meeropol; and Professor Phillip Deery discuss the historic significance of justice and espionage as they refer to famous cases such as the Rosenberg trial. Run time:1:40:28

Associated Personal Entities:
Woodward, John
Meeropol, Robert
Meeropol, Michael
Deery, Phillip
Wippl, Joseph
Lukes, Igor
Goldstein, Erik
Associated Subjects:
Center Events
Espionage, Soviet--United States
Notable Figures
1. Woodward, John
2. Meeropol, Robert
3. Meeropol, Michael
4. Deery, Phillip
5. Wippl, Joseph
6. Lukes, Igor
7. Goldstein, Erik
Associated Subjects
1. Center Events
2. Espionage
3. Espionage, Soviet--United States