The Inward Journey #8: St. Augustine: Architect of a New Faith, Part 2
Dec. 10, 1961
Dec. 10, 1961. Running time: 44:07. This sermon focuses on the problems of will that St. Augustine faced. The first was that he had to deal with the natural appetites of his body. These originated with the corruption to the sin committed by Adam in the Garden of Eden. Also, God's will must be obeyed absolutely, and doing so will increase meaning in a person's life and provide a note of referral for all acts.
Associated Personal Entities:
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo
Associated Subjects:
The Inward Journey (Series)
God (Christianity) -- Will
Rome--History--Germanic Invasions, 3rd-6th centuries
Free will and determinism--Religious aspects
Sin, Original
Roman Catholic