Religion of the Prophets: The Message of Jeremiah #2
July 29, 1952
July 29, 1952. Running time: 32:26. Thurman considers the tension between the individual's sense of personal responsibility in the midst of inevitable political and social forces. Jeremiah's unique contribution to the religion of Israel was the way in which he "spiritualized religion." For Thurman, Jeremiah insists that God is unable to be confined to the temple or to any other place, but instead, God is to be found in the human spirit.
Associated Personal Entities:
Nebuchadnezzar II, King of Babylonia, d. 562 B.C.
Jeremiah (Biblical prophet)
Associated Subjects:
Immanence of God
The Religion of the Prophets (Series)
God Omnipresence
Bible. O.T. Jeremiah