The Religion of the Prophets
Sep. 7, 1952
Sep. 7, 1952. Running time: 31:50. In this concluding sermon of the series on the Religion of the Prophets of Israel, Thurman explores the heart of the religious insights and implications of the prophets. The prophets were primary concerned with religion and its meaning along three lines: the sovereignty of God as a "self-conscious" righteous will, the scrutiny and judgment of God, and the redemption of the world.
Associated Personal Entities:
Hosea (Biblical prophet)
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo
Jeremiah (Biblical prophet)
Jesus Christ
Amos (Biblical prophet)
Paul, the Apostle, Saint
Associated Subjects:
The Religion of the Prophets (Series)
Philosophy and religion
Bible. O.T. Genesis
Bible. O.T. Prophets