Man and the Experience of Freedom: Man and Social Change #2, Part 2
Mar. 19-20, 1969
Mar. 19-20, 1969. Running time: 1:03:01. In opening his discussion on the experience of community, Thurman posits his familiar proposition that the most fundamental element of life is that it is alive. This dynamic essence gives life a purpose not unlike a plant straining to reach the sunlight on its own accord. Community not only is an expression of this life, but even is the consummation and fulfillment of life. Community means harmony. The experience of this harmony in community far exceeds the fears, anxieties, and hatreds that divide.
Associated Personal Entities:
Schreiner, Olive, 1855-1920
Thurman, Howard, 1900-1981
Associated Subjects:
Community--Religious aspects--Christianity.
Life--Religious aspects--Christianity