Men Who've Walked with God #4: Buddha
May 3, 1953
May 3, 1953. Running time: 36:17.  Buddha wanted to detach himself from his "space-time involvemen" of the suffering found in life by elevating himself beyond good and evil. Buddha decided that humans must eliminate desire, the root of suffering, in order to reach the ultimate state of bliss called nirvana where. Thurman equates this to behaviorism. Thurman quickly examines Jainism's doctrine of not doing harm as a philosophy of self purification.
Associated Personal Entities:
Adams, Henry, 1838-1918
Gautama Buddha
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Enlightenment (Buddhism)
Desire Religious aspects Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Men Who've Walked With God (Series)
Rock Creek Cemetery (Washington, D.C.)
Philosophical behaviorism