Men Who've Walked with God #11: Meister Eckhart
July 5, 1953
July 5, 1953. Running time: 33:06. Meister Eckhart stated the Godhead was the grounds of all existence. The Godhead supports all life and when a part of the Godhead becomes self conscious, God is born. Eckhart separates the soul into two parts - a surface self which holds our desires and a deeper self which is on the same plane as the Godhead. That is where "active reason" can be found in the core of our being. People sin when they deliberately block the will of the Godhead centered inside themselves.
Associated Personal Entities:
Eckhart, Meister, d. 1327
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Men Who've Walked With God (Series)
Self-consciousness (Awareness)
God (Christianity) -- Omniscience