What Shall I Do with My Life: The Gothic Principle
July 12, 1970
July 12, 1970. Running time: 22:35. In this address given at the Colonial Church of Edina in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Thurman suggest that human beings are creatures of the Earth, and as such we are Earth bound. When we forget this, the Earth eliminates us without consultation. According to the Gothic principle, humans have to protect themselves against the impersonal operation of the world of nature while finding a way to build a windbreak against the impersonal forces of nature and the economic order that does not know that the person is there.
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Thurman, Howard, 1900-1981
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Colonial Church of Edina (Edina, Minn.)
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What Shall I Do With My Life (Series)
Life--Religious aspects--Christianity
Naturalism--Religious aspects