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Thomas M. Menino speaks at the Democratic National Convention, Boston, 2004
Photograph courtesy of the City of Boston
Thomas M. Menino and the late Senator Edward Kennedy, n.d.
Photograph courtesy of the City of Boston
Thomas M. Menino and President Bill Clinton, n.d.
Photograph courtesy of Angela Menino
Thomas Menino and wife Angela Menino in the Oval Office with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Bidenat the White House in April 2014 celebrating the Red Sox World Series win in 2013.
Photo by The White House Photo Office. Photograph courtesy of Mrs. Angela Menino.
Mayor Thomas M. Menino, surrounded by his grandchildren at the State of the City speech, 2013.
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Angela Menino

Mayor for Life

Overwhelmingly elected five times to the Boston City Council and then five times as Mayor, Tom Menino was the longest serving and most recognizable mayor in Boston's history. Bostonians, regardless of race, income, or profession, felt they had a friend in Tom Menino  - someone who "got" their issues and concerns. For neighborhood residents, he was the "urban mechanic"; for teachers and parents, the "Education Mayor." Environmentalists hailed him as the "Green Mayor." And many knew him simply as Tommy. He was accessible. He listened with his heart. And he responded.

Menino Zakim Bridge

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